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lone wolves glitch that may work


Guys I found out about a fascinating glitch for halo 3 lone wolves playlist. There are so many achievements that you want on lone wolves such as mongoose mowdown, killing frenzy, triple kill, overkill, two for one, stepping razor... Well I found a way to help you guys and me to get these achievements so we can complete the hole game!!!!!!!!First of all you have to party up with 5 or 4 of your friends(enough for lone wolves to accept) and all go to xbox 360 dashboard , system settings ( the last icon in the row of<< my xbox >>), then go to console settings (by the way you have to do that the same time), then go language and locale, press language, and then go find the last language in the list or press Italiano or maybe one strange language that you are sure that it's no so popular or known (such as English or French never put those). When all of you are ready go back to halo 3 matchmaking lobby! Pick lone wolves, press X and press the third word in the column (that in every language means<< prefer language) and pess start the same time, soon enough you and your friends will be together , saying who is going to do the achievements that he needs and then the next one will do his achievements the next round (prefer oddball games so you have more time for achievements).

                                                                                                   Thank you for reading

                                                                                      by xXhItmAnt3chXx or mike


for more information charcher69@live.com



Preview of picture in folder HALO 3



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